What Will I Do With All of My Free Time?

One of the reasons we started Rusty Skate is because we wanted more time in our lives to do the things we love.  Life should not be about using all of your free time running errands.  Hockey is a time consuming sport and the biggest time waster of all can be going to get your skates sharpened.  Let’s say on average it takes you 15 minutes to drive to and from your hockey shop or rink, then another 15 minutes to get your skates sharpened and pay.  That is 30 minutes minimum now think about the other factors that may affect that time. There’s  a snow storm, well tack on at least 10 more minutes.  

You have multiple pairs of skates, tack on another 10 minutes per skate.  There’s 5 pairs of skates in front of me, ok now you are sitting at close to an hour.  Not to mention you may be going multiple times per week.  Skate sharpening becomes part of your routine and when you have a routine you tend not to think much about it, you just do it not realizing how much time it is costing you.  So think about your sharpenings and how much time you are spending on them.  Rusty Skate will make this easy for you, no more driving through snow storms, no more waiting around the store, sit back and let us come to you for your sharpenings.  The only other question is what I am going to do with all this free time?  Well we are glad you asked, so we put together a list of things you can do with just 30 extra minutes:

  • Exercise-keep working on that wrister
  • Call an old friend and argue about who was the greatest fighter in North Stars history-Plett? McRae? Churla? Carlson?
  • Learn an instrument-so you can play greatest hockey song of all time, Brass Bonanza


  • Watch 24.3% of Slap Shot
  • Make cookies-everyone loves snacks after practice
  • Challenge yourself-See how many Herbies you can complete
  • Floss-your dentist will love you