Rusty Skate Subscriptions

Ordering a subscription package for your skate sharpening is the easiest way for you to save time and money.  It's so simple:

  1. You set how often you want us to sharpen your skates, at whatever day of the week and time works best for you.  
  2. We will show up at the schedule you have chosen.
  3. You sit back, relax and have more time to do the things you want!

It truly is set and forget for you, just make sure your skates are available!

Schedule Your Sharpening Subscription

Pick A Schedule That Works For You

When selecting a subscription you will have the option to choose for us to come out once per week to once every 6 weeks (if you need us more frequently than once a week please contact us).  You choose the first day and time you want your skates sharpened and your sharpening schedule will be built out based on those settings.  Below is an example of a delivery schedule set up for customer Rusty Skate, he chose his first sharpening for October 5 and set it up to receive a sharpening every 4 weeks.  Log into your account to see your custom schedule.  


Can I Skip a Sharpening?

Yes and we have made it easy for you to make those adjustments.  To skip a sharpening all you need to do is log into your Delivery Schedule and click on the Skip button (see example above) and we won't come for that date.  

Can I Change the Date of My Sharpening or the Frequency of My Sharpens?

Of course you can. As hockey players ourselves we recognize that you may be at a Tournament or maybe you aren't skating as frequently in the summer.  All these changes can be made easily if you go to the subscriptions tab of your account. Click on Change next shipment date to change your next sharpening date, click on Change delivery schedule to update the frequency of your sharpenings. 


Can I Schedule a Subscription for Multiple Pairs of Skates With Different Hollows?

If you have multiple skates that require different hollows just add separate subscriptions to your cart.  

Do I Need to Sign a Long Term Contract?

Nope. Even though we would hate to see you leave us like that time Coach Bombay left the Mighty Ducks to coach the Junior Goodwill Games, you can at any time. 

 Save yourself valuable time and money all on a schedule that works for you.  It's the Rusty Skate way. 


Schedule Your Sharpening Subscription