Team Skate Sharpening

Are you the coach, ice rink, or team manager?  

Help make life easier for yourself, parents, and players by working with Rusty Skate to handle all your skate sharpening needs.   Book your sharpenings in bulk and we will meet you at your practice or game and sharpen your entire team's skates on the spot.  Are you a team manager that gathers all the player's extra sets of blades and drops them at the store for sharpening?  Let us meet you where it is convenient for you.  
Coming from outside of the Twin Cities for a tournament?  Don't send the team parents on a hunt for a shop that can sharpen, we can meet you at your hotel and sharpen the entire team's skates so you can focus on other things. 

Contact us and we'll come out to your next event or set up a subscription and we can plan out the whole season together.  All your players will have the option of 12 different hollows and a sharpening quality that's unmatched.